One of the world’s fastest and most secure blockchain ecosystems, Redbelly Network was developed by the University of Sydney and CSIRO before being spun out for commercialisation in 2021. Continuum helped Redbelly define their messaging and brand and launch to market.

services & scope

- Strategic counsel
- PR and media relations
- Brand development  
- Website delivery

What We Did

The Challenge

Redbelly is a unique and complex product that offers companies the ability to transition from traditional ways of doing business to a web 3.0 model. Our challenge was to articulate their message in a compelling way to assist with both capital raising and brand awareness.

Our approach

We worked closely with the Redbelly team to articulate their key points of difference in the crowded blockchain market. We distilled these messages into plain language that could be compelling, yet remain true to the original vision, for potential investors, potential users and existing stakeholders.

Our Results

Redbelly successfully spun out as an commercial enterprise and embarked upon a well received Series A fundraising. We helped by delivering: 
- The Redbelly website
- Coverage on the spin-out
- Redbelly’s brand guidelines and assets
- Ongoing PR counsel as the company grows

Currently the digital economy and the real economy has been unsuccessful in integration. Uniquely suited to both real world and digital assets in a regulated market, Redbelly is the bridge between today’s regulated economy and tomorrow’s web3 economy.