A key part of Australia’s superannuation infrastructure, the Gateway Network Governance Body- GNGB - serves a wide variety of stakeholders who are all critical to this $3.4 trillion sector. With no internal PR and marketing resources, GNGB selected Continuum to fulfil this function as an integrated part of their team.

services & scope

- Strategic counsel
- PR and media relations
- Marketing strategy and delivery
- Event management

What We Did

The Challenge

GNGB manages the Superannuation Transaction Network – a critical piece of infrastructure underpinning Australia’s superannuation ecosystem. With a small team, GNGB needed to communicate regularly with a wide variety of stakeholders on critical issues including cyber security, regulation and industry updates.

Our approach

We integrated into the GNGB team and designed their brand, communication channels and PR and marketing strategy from the ground up. From a new website to monthly industry updates, managing LinkedIn, coordinating events and delivering internal communication strategies, we are GNGB’s complete PR and marketing function.

"GNGB has to communicate profoundly important messages to a broad range of stakeholders on a regular basis. As a small team, we trust Continuum completely to deliver our communication and marketing functions to ensure our messages are heard. Since we partnered with Continuum we've been delighted with their responsiveness and ability to ensure that our stakeholders hear what we have to say and act accordingly."

Michelle Bower

Executive Officer